Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The End of an Era (or a semester)

Today, I am beyond thrilled and grateful for this semester being over. If you know me in real life, then you have probably heard me say on at least one occasion that this was "the semester from Hell" or that this has been the most difficult and trying five months of my life.

I'm really not sure whether this time has dragged on, or if it's flown by, as I have really had no sense of time. I do know, however, that it's over.

Uncertainty about class scheduling has been (mostly) resolved. All of my finals have been taken. I passed the sophomore barrier with flying colors. I went to class every day, only missing one. I regained weight. I started being more active and working for my fitness. I grew, in so many ways.

I grew in Christ. I matured in general. I grew in my relationship with my boyfriend. I grew up.

And while I'm looking forward to see where future semesters take me, right now I'm thankful that I can finally take some time for me. Because in all honesty, that didn't happen this semester.

So, today is for (an attempt at) sleeping in. Today is for painting my nails. Today is for working out until I've worn myself out. Today is for spending as much time studying and praying God's Word as I want (well, as long as I can have an infinite amount of hours in my day!). Today is for pampering myself. Today is for finally getting around to little DIY's.

Today is for being thankful that God is faithful, and that He delivered me through this semester. And, today is for loving life, no matter where I may be.

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