Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday: A little R&R

Last weekend, I finally got the break I've been waiting for. I went to the lake with my boyfriend and his family, and finally was able to relax for the first time since January. I didn't have to worry about emails or school- I had no Internet access, so worrying about that would have been a waste of my time. Phone reception was poor, so aside from maybe one person, I didn't use my phone at all.

But even better? I slept so well up there! Not only did I sleep through the night, but I was also able to go back to sleep if I was awakened by somebody making noise. It was also restful sleep, which I have definitely been missing!

I'm not saying that I'll never need that R&R time again, but that definitely recharged me, and I am thankful that I had that opportunity.

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Incredibly Blessed

This week, I have been seeing how I am truly blessed beyond measure. I feel almost as if I was blind to some of it before, and my eyes have just been opened and I'm seeing this for the first time. I am smack dab in the middle of a fantastic community that is loving and willing to lend a hand to help. My boyfriend has been especially sensitive this past week, and he has been so great about doing the extra little things just to make me happy. I've gotten to spend so much time with my favorite baby boy, and I love him to pieces.

But best of all, when I wasn't looking, I made friends! Sure, none of them are actually my age, the closest one is still a few years older than me. But, still! I made friends!

God has blessed me, and I am seeing the truth of that more and more every day. I am thankful for the blessings that He's chosen to pour down on me.

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The End of an Era (or a semester)

Today, I am beyond thrilled and grateful for this semester being over. If you know me in real life, then you have probably heard me say on at least one occasion that this was "the semester from Hell" or that this has been the most difficult and trying five months of my life.

I'm really not sure whether this time has dragged on, or if it's flown by, as I have really had no sense of time. I do know, however, that it's over.

Uncertainty about class scheduling has been (mostly) resolved. All of my finals have been taken. I passed the sophomore barrier with flying colors. I went to class every day, only missing one. I regained weight. I started being more active and working for my fitness. I grew, in so many ways.

I grew in Christ. I matured in general. I grew in my relationship with my boyfriend. I grew up.

And while I'm looking forward to see where future semesters take me, right now I'm thankful that I can finally take some time for me. Because in all honesty, that didn't happen this semester.

So, today is for (an attempt at) sleeping in. Today is for painting my nails. Today is for working out until I've worn myself out. Today is for spending as much time studying and praying God's Word as I want (well, as long as I can have an infinite amount of hours in my day!). Today is for pampering myself. Today is for finally getting around to little DIY's.

Today is for being thankful that God is faithful, and that He delivered me through this semester. And, today is for loving life, no matter where I may be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday: a wonderful teacher

This morning, we had the last meeting of a class that I've had for the past four semesters. It was pretty bittersweet. On one hand, that class is officially over, and I don't have to worry about it anymore. On the other hand, that was the last time I would have class with some of the people I've gotten to know. Building relationships was sort of rocky, seeing as how the class met at 7:30 every morning for the first two semesters and then alternated between 7:30 and 8:00 start times this year, but in a way, we became a unified group.

The most bittersweet part, though, involves the person that I am particularly thankful for today and this week in general - our GA, Hunter. I've been in his section for all four semesters, and although teachers and students can't really "be friends", you still form some type of a bond. The really awesome thing about Hunter? He actually cares about us. He wasn't just some GA who hated being there every day and that did the minimum required to get by. No, Hunter spent tons of time so that we would have a better experience with music theory. He dedicated himself so that we would not only survive the class, but also learn to thrive.

But the real reason that I'm thankful for Hunter is that he actually cared about us as people. He intervened as best he could when everything was crashing down around us. He offered encouragement. He made the class as welcoming as possible. And he always greeted us with a smile.

He's graduating next week and going home, where he's already accepted a job. So, while we lose a fantastic person, other students are going to be gaining a great teacher.

I'm thankful for Hunter. What, or who, are you thankful for?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Music

The power of music never ceases to amaze me. Even though it is such an "everyday" part of my life, I am always seeing or experiencing something new. Let's be honest: as a music major, my days are spent in a practice room, practicing somewhere outside of the practice room, in music-related courses, or with my headphones in my ears. Oh, and let's not forget the random outbursts of song throughout the day!

As I've been getting deeper into creating my characters and doing character work this semester, it has continually amazed me that I am connecting to so much music on deeper levels than I thought possible. Knowing that, I feel sort of hypocritical. I mean, I've read about the studies and articles stating how deeply connected humans are with music. I know that music can reach Alzheimer's and dementia patients better than some other therapies. I've heard it all, or said it all, at some point or another.

But why am I surprised when a song brings me to my knees? Why am I surprised when just hearing a line of a certain hymn causes my heart to swell with joy? Why am I surprised that it affects me so much?

The best answer I have is that my Creator is constantly showing me new (to me) wonders. The best, and sometimes most frightening, experiences are those in which He gifts me with something new. A new melody line, a harmony, a single line from a song...I may not know what they go with, or what they're from. I may have never heard the song before in my life. But out of nowhere, I sometimes hear music inside of me. And usually, it manages to find its way out.

It's one of the most awe-inspiring things that I get to experience. And it never ceases to amaze me.

I am thankful for music, and for the way that I was created to respond to it. What are you thankful for?