Monday, July 25, 2011

Wrapping up July

Well, it seems like the summer has just managed to slip out from between my fingers. I mean, really, where did it go? Two weeks from now, I'll be moving my furniture into my apartment, and in one month, I'll be back in school! And I'm not even done with my summer school until the end of this week...

I've been slacking on my exercising lately, but I'm not letting that happen anymore. Last week I was traveling between Springfield, Jeff City, and home, so trying to fit in a run just stressed me out more. Now that things are finally slowing down for a second, though, I can get myself moving again.

My weight loss has still been going well. I have now lost a total of 35.6 lbs, and I'm thinking of changing my goal weight. I am honestly curious to see if I can get lower than 145 (my original goal). If I can, then fantastic! If not, then I'll have learned what my body can and cannot do.

I'm still finding clothes to be both fabulous and frustrating. Although I now have a much wider range of options, I still haven't really figured out how to dress my new figure. Maybe that can be cured with a day at the mall? But lately I've been altering and taking in some of my clothes so that I can still wear them (like my two "church dresses"). Aside from that, everything that doesn't fit anymore and isn't worth altering is either being donated or re-sold.

Since I'm going to have approximately 2 weeks of summer, I've decided to make them count. Next week, I go to Branson with my mom and sisters for 5 days. Then, I get to come home and head back to Springfield the next day with my boyfriend so that we can get my furniture moved into my apartment. (I'm hoping to squeeze Branson in there again, too.) Hopefully I'll find someone to help us move everything in, since my back has really been bothering me again in the past few weeks. And maybe I'll even get to see some friends while I'm there! Then after this, I come home again, work a 4-day shoot, and then get ready to move back for real. So much to do, and so little time!

I'm really looking forward to what this year has to offer. So many opportunities to make new friends, and to see the sweet girls I already know and love. More opportunities to serve and love on the community. And I absolutely cannot wait.

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