Sunday, August 28, 2011

I love Sunday afternoons.

This morning, the worship pastor at my church (my school church) gave an awesome message. Therefore, my morning was awesome. After a good lunch with friends, I'm now back in my apartment relaxing and doing homework until I go to bed. Sunday afternoons always seem like a good time to just reflect, and think, and notice things. One thing I do is make mental lists, like these:

Things I Like
     -scented candles (vanilla is my current fave)
     -the morning sun shining into my apartment
     -pumpkin (actually, I love it.)
     -reading in the sunlight
     -Brad Paisley
     -doing laundry and dishes
     -making lists

Apartment To-Do's
     -find some sort of throw pillows for the futon/couch
     -decorate my bedroom wall (ideas, anyone?)
     -finish decorating my living room
     -fill the empty picture frame on my bookshelf

General Goals and To-Do's
     -take more pictures!
     -slow down and relax more
     -day trip to Branson or Silver Dollar City
     -try something that scares me
     -be more crafty
     -get to goal weight
     -learn how to dress cute/fashionably

Things I'm Excited About
     -Lunch Buddies this year!
     -Fall weather, fall clothes, and fall in general
     -pumpkin puree being back on store shelves
     -having long nails for the first time since 3rd/4th grade
     -going home this coming weekend
     -my new voice teacher! so excited.

Somehow, I only make these mental lists on Sunday afternoons. Weird, huh? If you're looking for a weight-loss update, I have now lost 43 lbs. Only 13.6 more until I reach goal!

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